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Aquaculture department carries out researches and educational activities in growing, predicting aquarium fish, selfish, shellfish. In growing department, researches on fish diseases are conducted using fishes which are produced using culture and also diseases, parasites, fungal are diagnosed. In those researches bacterial and serologic techniques are used, these experiences are thought to students to render them to use these experiences in fish farms after graduation. This provides the prognoses and treatment of fishes which are sent to our faculty, selling of fishes, analyses of diets, and water chemically by the contribution of faculty finance. This also provides the preparation of physibility report. In our faculty, there are closed product unity and a growing unity which consists of concrete pool to hoard broad. In this unity, there are researches about rainbow trout. Our students benefit from practical applications in their courses in that institute, bachelors work in that institute with payment and insurance. In addition to this, there is a master program for students who want to do research about fish diseases and fish growing. In our department, 5 professor, 6 Assoc. Prof. Dr. and 3 research assistants and 1 expert are in charge.


Production and Research Units